And Then There Was One: Goodbye My Little Thistlepants

Thistledowne started seizing early Wednesday morning. MU Vet Emergency got him stabilized and able to come home with anti-seizure meds and prednisone for his extreme hyperglycemia. My roommate woke me at 2am this morning to let me know Thistle had been acting strange for a half hour. A half-hour later after trying to give Thistle honey and cool his hyperthermia with cool water, Dwight, my roommate was kind enough to take Thistle back to MU Emergency (I was not able to function after an earlier massive dose of Trazodone). They were unable to cool him, bring his blood-sugar back up or stop the seizures. He was happy and healthy two days ago… a little dynamo of sweet playful affectionate fun that whenever I sat down on the couch to work for a while would glom onto my leg and take a nap, content to be in close contact and to be stroked occasionally.

On the phone, before I started sobbing, still talking through with the doctor (who later started sobbing herself) how hopeless the situation was, Hawthorne in the other room started grief howling for the first time in his life. He knew the little brother he’d come into the world with and had been inseparable from for his entire life was leaving him.

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