Asperger’s and I

Eddie Redmayne - Newt Scamander
Bet­ter iconog­ra­phy than a blue puz­zle piece.

I have desired for over a month to try to com­mit my thoughts and feel­ings to an arti­cle where I house such things, but inspi­ra­tion to com­pose escapes me. I am no near­er know­ing how to pro­ceed so I am writ­ing to write to begin the process expect­ing there to be major revisions.

First, June Twen­ty-Twen­ty-one has come to have as much sig­nif­i­cance as oth­er dates I con­sid­er ‘Life Events’.

With almost crip­pling anx­i­ety I arrived at the offices of Emi­ly Craw­ford-Thomp­son for my sec­ond of three vis­its, the for­mal eval­u­a­tion vis­it. I had read of oth­ers con­sid­er­ing the test­ing to be ardu­ous but did not real­ly cred­it it. Now I feel that they must have been describ­ing their expe­ri­ence with reser­va­tion. When final­ly done, it was all I could do to ask when I would know the results. With pro­found com­pas­sion, she told me that she had already con­firmed my diag­no­sis of Asperg­er’s. A flood­gate of feel­ings of relief and life­long ques­tions answered rushed through me and I start­ed sob­bing in my weird way. She said Asperg­er’s, so while it will be a diag­no­sis of Autism Spec­trum Dis­or­der, she did con­firm that it was of a char­ac­ter in keep­ing with the retired dis­tinc­tion of “Asperg­er’s”.

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