’Іοϋλίαν ποθω*


Farewell Hug

Five long years, wishing for just one thing
Dreaming, imagining, yearning. Knowing.

Knowing each friendship offering meant, to me, more;
Meant more than would permit accepting.

Each, refused in love, to take unfairly.
Sneak attacks not withstanding.

Resolved never to accept without ring;
That single, solitary, most yearned-for thing.

‘Till today, blessed event, joy-filled radiant smile.
On beautiful hand a beautiful ring.

Parity achieved deep within.
Offered. Accepted, at last without sin.

The first the last.
A fondest farewell.
A new desire kindled;
Benediction of blessing;
Prayer for all joy.

May God bless and preserve;
New life together in Him.

Christian Puddleglum Ransom Harper
December 19, 2015

*Until today.

Update: January 17, 2017. I’ve had this as private for a while but decided to just let it be what it is and make it public. I thought about removing it all together as it’s not technically true, ‘The first the last’. I’ve been hugged and hugged hard and hugged back a little, and endured/enjoyed sneak-attacks, and nearly been knocked on my keester by the wonderful unrestrained exuberance. The wonderful thing though is the enduring truth of the line “at last without sin.” She’s like a crazy little sister now and I can enjoy spending time and conversing with her and her husband. God blesses.

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