God ain’t got no taste


“One of the reasons I love the bible is because the humans in the bible are not very refined. They’re pretty goofy if you want to know the whole truth about it. And I remember when I was a kid and people would always say, you know… ’cause I was always one of those typical depressed adolescent types, I wrote poetry and stuff. It’s how morose I was as a kid and people would go around saying, “Cheer up man, because God loves you.” And I would always say, “Big deal. God loves everybody. That don’t make me special. That just proves that God ain’t got no taste.” And I don’t think He does. Thank God! Cause God takes the junk of our lives and He makes the greatest art out of it and if He was cultured; if He was as civilized as most Christian people wish He was, He would be useless to Christianity… but God is a wild man. And I hope that in the course of your life you encounter him. But let me warn you, you gotta ‘hang on for dear life’… or ‘let go for dear life’, maybe is better.”
— Rich Mullins, in a live performance of Sometimes by Step

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