A Gem to Store in my Hearthoard

With great joy I now real­ize that I would much rather spend the remain­der of my life know­ing, desir­ing, hav­ing found, but nev­er hav­ing, than instead reach the the ter­mi­nus know­ing that for all my seek­ing, I nev­er found it, nev­er knew it, and yes, per­haps ques­tion­ing if I had done all that I could have done to find and if I had been faith­ful to myself and that which is truth.

One thought on “A Gem to Store in my Hearthoard”

  1. This arti­cle is far too cryp­tic. I haven’t the fog­gi­est idea what the sub­ject mat­ter is. Pos­si­bly gen­er­at­ed while being smit­ten. If not, then I’ve no idea. I sure do talk a bunch of non­sense. I rec­og­nize that Hearthoard refers to Orson Scott Card’s Mither­mage saga. What­ev­er it was I do hope it was healthy.

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