Awesome God

Rich Mullins - here in americaThe leg­endary song “Awe­some God” was not craft­ed in a com­fy-cozy song­writ­ing room, with fresh legal pads and fla­vored cof­fee. It was picked up some­where between Ten­nessee and Mis­souri, in the cab of a sweaty lit­tle pick­up truck, on the way to a con­cert. Rich told me that while he was dri­ving, he envi­sioned an imag­i­nary “hell­fire and brim­stone” preach­er, wav­ing his fin­ger in the air, mak­ing procla­ma­tions about God to his con­gre­ga­tion. Line by line the man shout­ed out the phras­es of “Awe­some God.” Rich com­mit­ted those lines to mem­o­ry until he got to the venue and found a piano to fig­ure out what key to play it in. After he’d played it for me, Rich said in a small voice “I think it’s going to be big.” Rich then asked me if I would sing the vers­es and he assem­bled a small choir for the cho­rus­es. We rehearsed and per­formed “Awe­some God” for the first time that night. It amazes me how good Rich’s intu­ition was about that song, as it con­tin­ues to impact so many people.

— Steve Cudworth

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