Deadly Progressivism

Peter Kreeft
It is in ethics that “pro­gres­sivism” is most dead­ly. Aston­ish­ing­ly, few mod­ern minds see the sim­ple and obvi­ous point that an unchang­ing stan­dard, far from being the ene­my of moral progress, is the nec­es­sary con­di­tion for it: “Does a per­ma­nent moral stan­dard pre­clude progress? On the con­trary, except on the sup­po­si­tion of a change­less stan­dard, … progress is impossible…if the ter­mi­nus is as mobile as the train, how can the train progress toward it?”

— Peter Kreeft, C.S. Lewis for the Third Mil­len­ni­um, pg. 16

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