Lessons to Learn & Live — Marriage Wisdom

For sev­er­al years I’ve run across anec­dotes and sto­ries of won­der­ful things to keep a mar­riage joy­ful. Every time I did the same thought crossed my mind, “I love this, this is won­der­ful, I must remem­ber to do this… or rather… I must nev­er for­get to do this.” That is of course if ever I am again in the posi­tion to remem­ber or nev­er forget.

I’ve always thought that I’d remem­ber all these things, but of course no mat­ter how poignant or pro­found, my mem­o­ry is a ter­ri­ble place to try to store things.

Hence­forth I resolve to enu­mer­ate them here, for be ben­e­fit of my beloved should I again have a beloved, or for the ben­e­fit of your beloved if you hap­pen upon this diary of heart aids.

We’ll start with cat­e­gories and add things as I run across them again or anew. Below I’ll also be build­ing a list of things that dif­fer­ent fam­i­lies do to keep faith and rela­tion­ship strong.

For One’s Beloved

  1. Notes and Reminders of Love 
  2. Prayer
  3. Note to self: Reminders, atti­tude and action. 
    • Would you rather be right? Or would you rather be mar­ried?” — Chap­lain Bart Larson
    • Mar­riage Isn’t for You(pdf)
    • What­ev­er you did when court­ing to por­tray your­self as ‘Good hus­band mate­r­i­al’, nev­er cease lest you become ‘Bad hus­band mate­r­i­al’. Don’t play­act the used car sales­man lest you stick her with a lemon.” — cmc
    • Be very good at find­ing good and with a gra­cious heart, be very faulty at find­ing fault.” — cmc
    • You’re nev­er too impor­tant to serve some­one else. Don’t live to get, live to give.” — Jar­rid Wilson
    • Don’t be jud­gin’, if you strug­gle with being judge­men­tal. Do be jud­gin’, if you lack judge­ment.” — cmc
    • It’s ok to be ‘bor­ing’ if you’re lov­ing, stead­fast, sup­port­ive, build­ing, lead­ing in Christ, and faith­ful. In oth­er words, being a man of hon­or and val­ue and heart across the long haul is the new (and old) roman­tic. “The Real Truth about ‘Bor­ing’ Men — and the Women who Live with Them: Redefin­ing Bor­ing”(pdf)
    • To keep your mar­riage brim­ming, With love in the lov­ing cup, When­ev­er you’re wrong, admit it, When­ev­er you’re right, shut up.” — Ogden Nash, poet, 1902–1971
    • What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life — to strength­en each oth­er in all labour, to rest on each oth­er in all sor­row, to min­is­ter to each oth­er in all pain, to be one with each oth­er in silent unspeak­able mem­o­ries at the moment of the last part­ing?” — George Eliot
    • I would so do this for my beloved. What an awe­some guy. This Guy Trav­eled The Coun­try In A Pink Tutu Just To Make His Wife Laugh Dur­ing ChemoPin­trestpdf
    • Love is hard work. It is the hard­est work I know of, work from which you are nev­er enti­tled to take a vaca­tion.” — Ravi Zacharias
    • At the begin­ning, your love sup­ports your mar­riage. Lat­er on, your mar­riage sup­ports your love.” — Lar­ry Christiansen
    • Top 10 Rela­tion­ship Killers — True Love Dates(pdf)

For One’s Family

  1. Affec­tion
  2. Whim­sey, Fan­ta­sy, & Imagination 
  3. Prayer


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