More eloquent than “Major in the majors”

Now it is one of the sor­ry fea­tures of evan­gel­i­cal­ism, is it not, that con­ser­v­a­tive evan­gel­i­cal­ism, both here and in the Unit­ed States, has become adept, more adept than any oth­er branch of Chris­ten­dom, at mak­ing the periph­er­al cen­tral and mak­ing the cen­tral periph­er­al; and engag­ing in dia­log and dis­cus­sions about issues that frankly I think are to be set aside if one takes seri­ous­ly the instruc­tions of Paul here to Tim­o­thy as a young man.” Aim for God’s Approval, Pt. A, Feb 7, 2012
— Alis­tair Begg – Truth for Life

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